5 Ways to get noticed on LinkedIn

With everyone rushing to become more “digital” in the last year and having missed out on a lot of in person contact, we have seen a huge increase in conversations happening on LinkedIn – the go-to platform for professionals.

LinkedIn can be used in a multitude of ways; recruitment, business development, or networking, each with its own place and value. Whatever you want to use it for you need to get noticed!

There are a few different ways to do this, we’ve summarised a few easy ones to get you started:

  1. Interact with your peers. The easiest way to get noticed is by putting yourself out there. Rather than just scrolling endlessly through content shared by your network, put the time into commenting on other people’s posts – either with appreciation, questions, or your own relevant insights. This will get your name in front of their networks as well and showcase yourself as an active and engaging member.
  2. Utilise different content opportunities. Whether it is publishing a blog/article to the article function on your profile or recording a short video on a topic of your choice, varying your content strategy will allow you to continually get noticed and hopefully shared to a wider audience by people’s engagements.
  3. Keep your profile up to date! If you are trying to get noticed, you want people to see all of your relevant information. If you are still sporting an avatar as your profile picture and haven’t got your last three job roles on there, people aren’t going to see you as an authentic source.
  4. Help your network whenever you can. Whether it is other firms looking to recruit, suggesting business opportunities, or encouraging relevant connections between your peers, this kind of positive community work will come back round to you in spades.
  5. Utilise your groups. Groups can have members into the thousands, so they should not be overlooked! There are endless groups, focussed on a multitude of specific topics, to suit any individual. This allows you to communicate with relevant individuals from your chosen industries, on topics you feel passionately about. Just use caution and consideration when posting to ensure you are portraying the desired persona, and not appearing to “spam” groups with self-promotion – make your content relevant and engaging.

Hopefully employing a few of these tactics will start to get your name noticed, and open up some useful conversations!

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