Ship Registration, Cabotage Trading and Inland Shipping in Nigeria

The Maritime activities in Nigeria are inter alia majorly regulated by the following laws: i. The Merchant Shipping Act 2007; ii. The Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act 2003 iii. The Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act iv. The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency Act 2007, etc. The Merchant Shipping Act is […]

Benedict OregbemheManaging Partner, Benfield Attorneys and Solicitors (BAS)

What’s the biggest challenge advisors face when trying to understand risk in this space?

My biggest challenge is just to understand the current state of the legislation. I mean since 2017 it was ruled bythe Supreme Court that it should be legal; that is that it should be legal for recreational use in everything. But the bill of law just hasn’t been approved. Now, it’s been over three years. […]

John David Colter GarzaLegal Associate, Colter Carswell & Asociados, S.C.

What will be the biggest challenge clients face? What have advisors done in different jurisdictions to protect clients?

I love sessions like this because you get to learn so much more about different jurisdictions. It’s all very fascinating. I want to come at this second question from a different angle. It’s very interesting to see how many Americans, in particular, are coming to Canada to invest in these products in anticipation of US […]

Elizabeth S. DipchandPartner, Dipchand LLP

What advice would you give your clients about brand protection in your jurisdiction? Is it easy to trademark a cannabis brand?

I’ve been handling cannabis trademarks since 2017, when medicinal cannabis was legalised in Germany. In the beginning those marks were only accepted for Nice Class 5, meaning only cannabis for medicinal use was permitted. But that has changed. Both the European and the German IP office now accept cannabis marks for all sorts of cannabis […]

Margret Knitter LL.M.Partner, SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte

What advice would you give your clients about brand protection in your jurisdiction? Is it easy to trademark a cannabis brand?

The federal government, which controls the federal trademark registration practise, has not legalised marijuana or cannabis up to now. It’s not possible to get a federal trademark registration for cannabis products generally. As such, you are not going to be in a position to, for example, obtain a trademark registration for your particular brand of […]

My Interview With a Cross-Border Due Diligence Expert

This week I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn about how due diligence investigations are conducted outside of the United States. I got to interview Björn Wahlström from Current Consulting Group, a supply chain and risk management firm with a presence in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Originally from Europe, Björn has […]

Ilya Umanskiy GRCPDirector, Current Consulting Group

Implementation of Hong Kong-Thailand Mutual Recognition of Funds Scheme

On 17 June 2021, the Securities and Futures Commission (the SFC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (the SEC) announced that the Hong Kong-Thailand Mutual Recognition of Funds scheme (the MRF) had come into force. The scheme is governed by the Memorandum of Understanding concerning Mutual Recognition of Covered Funds and Covered Management […]

Julia CharltonPartner, Charltons

The Strict Letter of the Law

Sometimes, regardless of how careful you are or how careless an injured victim was, you can still be held liable for damages. It’s a legal doctrine called strict liability. And the principle can be applied in product liability cases. In general, strict liability applies to inherently dangerous activities, such as keeping wild animals near small children […]

William H. ShawnCo-Managing Partner, ShawnCoulson

Account Forfeiture Order to seize proceeds of crime 13 years after conviction

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has recovered a significant sum for the UK taxpayer after securing an Account Forfeiture Order against an account linked to Mr Virendra Rastogi, one of the architects of a transatlantic securitised finance fraud with global losses of around £494 million. This forfeiture comes 13 years after he was convicted of […]

Hannah BuddPartner, Keystone Law

Keeper Of Books: Out With The Old, In With The New

The old Traditional bookkeeping once involved tedious, manual, data entry, stuck behind the computer. Transactions were typed in one digit at a time, and bank reconciliations typically only happened once the paper statement was received or downloaded from an online banking platform. Paperwork needs to be filed and stored for seven years, and physical copies […]

Richard AshbyPartner, Gilligan Sheppard

LPDP Compliance

COMPLYING WITH THE LAW ON PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION (LPDP) With the implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection No. 6698 back in 2016, new rules and obligations were imposed to data controllers and data processors. The LPDP further stipulated serious monetary fines and prison sentences to those who violate these obligations. Unfortunately, most data […]

Ali YurtseverFounding Partner, ASY Legal