The benefits of working with a mid-sized or boutique firm

As we’re sure you’ve heard, size isn’t everything.

When it comes to professional services people often think of large corporations, with tower blocks for offices, huge staff, and lots of glass and chrome everywhere, and possibly a hefty price-tag.

But are you always getting value for money when it comes to these big businesses?

Let’s flip that around, what can you get from a mid-sized or boutique firm?

Agility. Adaptability. Investment.

Working with a smaller team affords a lot of privileges. Not held up with corporate jargon and firewalls, these organisations can provide quick, decisive responses to your queries.

When your situation changes, so can they. Sluggish approaches can be a thing of the past! Without so much red tape they can get to the heart of your problem quickly, and spend their time forming a solution. If you ask us, that sounds a lot more cost-effective!

When it comes to boutique firms you are more than just Client #1934 in a long list, they insert themselves as part of your team, really getting to know your business and your aims, allowing them to really get behind and drive your success.

For all of these reasons and more that is why IR Global only works with mid-sized and boutique firms. We want to work with people who care about investing in their clients as much as we invest in our members.

If you’re looking for a firm, find a full list of our advisors here, or contact our BD team for more information.