Email marketing isn’t dead! A targeted approach is key

Abi here, our IR Global Marketing Manager.

The great debate in marketing over the past year (if not longer) has been around whether email marketing is a thing of the past, or whether it still has a place in your marketing strategy. So, I thought I’d come on here and give you our key points as to why we have invested in email marketing!

When I came into the business early last year one of our main goals was to get in front of a wider audience, outside of the IR Global network, even outside of the professional services industry as a whole. From a marketing perspective, how do you do this?

Every channel and approach has its own purpose and place within a marketing strategy. However, when it comes to reaching a specific audience, you can either:

  1. Push out content online, hope that the right people see it, and that it goes further than your inner circle.
  2. OR, you can find your ideal persona and put your content and messaging directly into their inbox!

We of course chose option 2!

We recently invested in a new marketing platform to help us tap into a wider audience of our member’s end user. There are a few different value-adds that come with this approach:

  • A wider reach for our content, such as our publications, into completely untapped markets and sectors.
  • Getting our members in front of their prospective clients and new business opportunities .
  • Using a targeted approach, allowing us to focus in on key personas such as decision-makers across thriving industries, and put relevant content in front of them to nurture a successful relationship.

We see this as a huge benefit to our members taking part in our publications and digital content, making it not only part of their marketing strategy, but their business development strategy too.

If you have your own input or would like to discuss any of this further, please drop me an email at [email protected] and we can continue the debate!